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Jini Jones Vail
P.O.Box 555
Watertown, CT  06795                        

205 5th Avenue
Tarentum, PA 15084

Phone No.: 1-800-827-7903

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Rochambeau, Washington's Ideal Lieutenant,

           A French General's Role in the American Revolution              

  by Jini Jones Vail

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Jini Jones Vail
P.O.Box 555
Watertown, CT  06795

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Rochambeau: Washington's Ideal Lieutenant

Book  specifications

ISBN: 978-1-59571-602-6

- soft cover, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 inches, 381 pages
(including preface, foreword, main text, acknowledgements, timeline, glossary of terms
mainly 18th century nautical and military, notes and bibliography).

- 10 illustrations, 2 lists and one map

- 381 pages

- cost per book: $25.00 plus s/h (doesn't include a sales tax)

Published by: Word Association Publishers    Phone No.: 1-800-827-7903

Released: June 16th, 2011

Available for order directly from author

Also available at:
Word Association Publishers

AMAZON.COM (paperback)
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   List of Illustrations
   Foreword XV
   Preface XIX
 Chapter   1
 From Seminarian to King's General
 Chapter   2
 France to the Rescue
 Chapter   3
 Hope Arrives in Newport
 Chapter   4
 Rochambeau Meets Washington
 Chapter   5
 The March to Victory Begins
 Chapter   6
 Layover at New York
 Chapter   7
 Rochambeau vis-à-vis Washington
 Chapter   8
 The Secret March to Virginia
 Chapter   9
 Admiral de Grasse, Fights Pivotal Sea Battle 207
 Chapter 10
 The Battle of Yorktown
 Chapter 11
 British Surrender and Aftermath
 Chapter 12
 Honors, Revolution, and Memorials
   Acknowledgments 302
   Key Participants
   Time Line
   Glossary 329
   Notes 334
   Bibliography 364
   Index 375
   About the Author

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“From the  very first word,to the very last,a reader will be engaged in the romance, glory, and   hardships of the amazing victory of the combined French - American continentals over England as explained in Jini Jones Vail’s book Rochambeau: Washington’s Ideal Lieutenant.

It will educate and entertain the learned reader as well as those first discovering the subject. It matters not how many other books on the subject have been read. This one is a must read!”

Sallie Tullis De Barcza
Chairman, Board of Directors,
Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R-US)

Washington’s Ideal Lieutenant is a fascinating, carefully researched portrait of one of the American Revolution’s most influential military figures.

The author has woven a colorful tapestry of biographical detail, military strategy, international relations,and human nature  upon the vast canvas of events leading up to the decisive victory at Yorktown.”

William Horton Cox
Assistant Director (retired)
Rochester, New York, Public Library

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My list of PowerPoint  Presentations:

Yes, I would be delighted to present any one of my PowerPoint presentations on General Rochambeau to your group. My talks last about 45 minutes, always followed by a lively Q and A. According to your interests, I am prepared to concentrate on any one of the following subjects:
  • Rochambeau and his 4,000 Troops March Through Connecticut – The March Heard ‘Round the World.
  • N.B. Each talk is tailored to include special emphasis on the area of CT where I would be speaking.
  • Rochambeau, Architect of the Battle of Yorktown, Final Turning Point in the American Revolution.

  • Four Women in the Time of Rochambeau: A Queen, A Countess, A First Lady, and A Camp Follower.
If you prefer, I can also focus on how I became interested in the subject of General Rochambeau and how I met Michel and Madeleine, Count and Countess de Rochambeau in France, maintaining a correspondence with him from 1993 until his death (December 2008).

I have two custom-made 18th century reproduction gowns, every stitch hand sewn, designed and made by The Silly Sisters of Fredericksburg, VA. It takes about an hour for me to be dressed by an assistant. So, if you want me to wear a gown, there will be an extra charge.   

Silly Sister, Sarah Cowan, who designed and sewed my gowns, told me that she was commissioned to reproduce the last gown extant belonging to Martha Washington. Sarah refused all further private commissions after mine was completed, to concentrate on this prestigious project. Quite a feather in her cap!

Jini Jones Vail, Author
P.O.Box 555, Watertown, CT 06795

Rochambeau: Washington’s Ideal Lieutenant
A French General’s Role in the American Revolution

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